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This is the first part of a proposed longer work that takes its inspiration from statistics relating to the almost daily mass shootings in the United States of America.  When complete, it will incorporate the entire mass shooting index for the year 2019.

I first came across the Mass Shooting Index last August, where I was shocked at what I saw, as when we listen to the news here in the UK we only hear about the occasional happening.  Anyway, I was moved enough to consider an artistic response.  I know that I am not American, and so it is sort of "not my problem"; nevertheless, there still remained the feeling that a response was appropriate, and maybe my geographical distance might not be a bad thing.   As there is no standard definition of what a mass shooting is, my composition defines this this as an incident where at least four people are shot.

The composition will be able to be performed live (for trombone, piano, electronics and video projection) or presented as a film and sound installation.  I also intend to release the compositional score with the idea that it could be adapted for any instrument or combination of instruments.  All going well, the piece should be ready in October 2020.

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