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aroundNorth (2015)
Multi-speaker sound installation that 'plays' the movement of the stars as they slowly rotate around Celetial North Pole. Created in association with Armagh Observatory, where a permanent version of the work now plays daily. Shortlisted for the PRSF New Music Award.

Chîyl (1997)
Commissioned for the inaugral Sounds New festival in 1997. The music was performed to accompany a new dance work choreographed by Alison Clark.

Disappear (2004)
Multi-speaker sound installation using 'endangered sounds' to highlight the fragility of our everyday soundscape. Winning work in British Composer Awards New Media Category in 2005.

Disappearing Through Time (2011)
Commissioned by Antrim Borough Council in 2010 as part of their Origins project. Snippets of interviews recorded with people living around the north side of the Lough are mixed with recordings from the local soundscape, and music composed for piano.

Echolocation (2008)
An outdoor sound installation that utilises the real-time ultrasonic calls of bats as they fly in search of their evening's food. Shortlisted for the PRSF New Music Award.

Entomophonix (2007)
Quadraphonic composition created as part of a residency at La Cité des Insectes in Limousin, France. Shortlisted for the British Composer Awards.

Erratumgale (2013)
Sound installation for the I am Not Dead, I am in Herne Bay Marcel Duchamp Festival.

Footnotes (2012)
Commissioned for the Northamptonshire Global Footprints festival. Recordings of interviews with people who had worked in the town's shoe industry, together with recordings from the factories were used as the starting point for a musical score, and then this was played from various listening points around the town.

gr0w (2007)
Created as part of a one-year residency at the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, and using genetic data from selct plant species in the garden.

Gaza Strip Shuffle (1994)
Composed for the Spats Dillinger and The Buzzing Half Dozen jazz band.

Global Village (1999)
Commissioned by the Northern Ireland Dance Collective for the Lisburn Festival of Art and Culture.

Hidden Paris (1996)
Commissioned by Loop Dance Company.

Lambourn Voices (2011)
A musical suite composed with people from Lambourn village, commissioned by Berkshire Council. Residents of the village who had been connected with the local horse racing industry were interviewed and their stories set to music, with the assistance of students from the local primary school. The final work was recorded onto CD and also performed as part of a special concert for the village.

Lens Résonne (2014)
A Vitrines Sonores sound installation for the city of Lens, commissoned by the Mission Départementalle Louvre-Lens Tourisme.

Liquid (2001)
Composed as part of the Elementals suite.

Magic Stones (2005)
Soundscape composition inspired by the region east of Lough Neagh, in Northern Ireland. Commissioned by The Millennium Arts Centre and winner of British Composer Awards New Media Category in 2006. Throughout the composition are sections of an interview with original Portmore nature reserve warden, Eddie Franklin, who talks passionately about his concerns connected with the regeneration and conservation of the area.

Mossley Mill (1999)
Commissioned by Newtownabbey Borough Council to celebrate the one-hundredth anniversary of Mossley Mill. The music brings together conversations with some of the mill workers, recordings from the nearby still-working Ferguson's Mill, sounds from a parallel music project with the local primary school, and my own writing to create a musical snapshot of the mill's working life.

Pips (2009)
Sound installation composition that uses the rhythms of pipestrelles' biosonar as they feed of an evening.

Punk28 (2003)
Composed for the Phoenix Dance Company.

Rock Music (2008)
Composition using the sounds of prehistoric napped flints, and created as part of the Paradise Revealed show

Sound & The City (2005)
Quadraphonic composition based on the soundscape of Chongqing, in China. Commissioned by The British Council.

Sounds of Oxfordshire (2009)
Composition inspired by the soundscape of Oxfordshire and created as part of a residency with BBC Oxford. Commissioned by Oxford Contemporary Music.

Streetwaves (2011)
Multi-speaker sound installation created for Sittingbourne High Street and commissioned by the Encounter series of installations across North Kent. The installation stretched along a 100 metre span of the High Street, using Feonic technology to transform select shop windows into loudspeakers. The musical score was made up from sounds connected to the various retailers and their trades.

Tectonic (2001)
Composed as part of the Elementals suite.

The Eyes Shut The Ears (2003)
Sound installation based on the soundscape around the village of Minster, in Thanet. It was created in collaboration with the village's youth club and exhibited in the 2003 'Margate Rocks' festival.

Tolan's Point (2005)
Inspired by the south east corner of Lough Neagh, and using resynthesised sounds of the lough's waves allowing their natural harmonics to sound as musical tones.

Watermark (2010)
Music written for the DAD documentary on Buckland Mill, in Dover.