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Trombonist, composer, and sound installation artist, Robert Jarvis is based in the South East of England and enjoys being involved in a wide range of music making, both as creator and performer.

For the first seven years of his career he worked alongside fellow Kent-based musician Peter Cook on a series of music-based community projects before concentrating on his own education projects, collaborating along the way with many different artists, and eventually receiving The Performing Right Society's Composer-In-Education Award.

From the mid-nineties he began to concentrate more on composition, often making use of found-sounds and integrating these into his score; however, it was not until 2003 that he had the idea of a more installation-type approach to his music making. These pieces were quite successful and led to two separate British Composer Awards as well as an invitation by The British Council to create a new work for the then new Chongqing Planning Exhibition Gallery, in China.

In 2007 he was awarded a residency at The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, in Surrey, and this in turn led to a series of other pieces designed for site-specific outdoor spaces, as well as a new body of work drawing from scientific data collected from natural processes, leading to recognition through The PRS New Music Award.

Today, Robert continues to explore new methods for musical creation, attempting to build on his reputation for compositions that entice new appreciations of the sonic landscape and encourage a rethinking of our relationship with our surroundings. His most recent accomplishment is his astronomically inspired aroundNorth sound installation, which is now permanently installed in the grounds of Armagh Observatory.

When not creating or installing, Robert can be regularly heard playing with many different musicians, across different genres, including folk, improv, contemporary, and popular music, as well performing occasionally as a soloist.

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