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Mar  : Sounding Out Pollution - collaboration with 'West Midlands Air', Birmingham, UK.
Jun  : Sounding Out Pollution - Science Futures, Glastonbury Festival, UK.
Jun  : Sounding Out Pollution - International Conference on Auditory Design 2022.
Jun  : SonoraV19 - International Conference on Auditory Design 2022.
Jun  : How Many More? - International Conference on Auditory Design 2022.
Sep  : Grounded Abstraction - CD release with Evan Parker & Matt Wright (FMR Records).
Oct  : Sounding Out Pollution - SoniHED 2022, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.
Oct  : SonoraV19 - SoniHED 2022, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.
Oct  : Singing Windows - SoniHED 2022, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

Jan  : DYCP Research Award - Arts Council England.
Feb  : Waltz Wash - Medway Sonic.
Jul   : SonoraV19 - Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência, Lisbon, Portugal.
Sep  : Wodwos - Performances for Gaia installation, Inside Out Dorset, UK.
Oct  : SonoraV19 - 'World of Light' Exhibition, Auckland, New Zealand.
Nov  : National Environmental Research Council Grant.

May  : SonoraV19 - digiArts Fest 2020.
Jun  : SonoraV19 - Cultivate Gallery online exhibition.
Jun  : SonoraV19 - In Toto Virtual exhibition.
Jul   : SonoraV19 - The Confinement Chronicle exhibition.
Jul   : Echolocation - Pragmata Collective exhibition.
Jul   : SonoraV19 - digiArts Fest Audience Award Prize.
Aug  : SonoraV19 - The New Arts Fest 20, Lisbon, Portugal.
Aug  : How Many More? - In Toto Virtual exhibition.
Sep  : Plants That Play - Electric Medway Festival, Chatham, UK.

Jan  : Magog - studio recording for the 'Dancing with Giants' album.
May  : Moon Safari - debut performance: Colyer-Fergusson Hall, Canterbury, UK.
Nov  : Cornu & Carnyx premiere - 'Deep Listening Improvisation Festival', Taunton, UK.
Dec  : How Many More? - installation feature for 'LivesInHarmony.org'.

Jan  : Simon Fell Quintet - The Ragging of Time, Kings Place, London, UK.
Mar  : Steve Marshall - studio recording for the 'Aurora' album.
May  : Wayfaring - performance with 'And Now' for Norfolk Festival, UK.
Jul   : Wayfaring - performance with 'And Now' at Basildon Park, UK.
Sep  : Wayfaring - performance with 'And Now' for Inside Out Dorset, UK.
Oct  : Simon Fell Quartet - Double Standards, Marsden Jazz Festival, UK.

Mar  : Antwerp Deadheadz - studio CD recording and touring, Belgium.
Jun  : Steve Marshall - studio recording for his 'Justice' album.
Jul   : aroundNorth - Deal Festival, Kent, UK.
Jul   : The Longhill Burn - performance with 'And Now', Hull City of Culture, UK.
Nov  : Land of Green Ginger Unleashed - performance with 'Macnas', Hull City of Culture, UK.
Dec  : Gebroeders Vanderstraten - studio CD recording and concerts, Belgium.

Apr  : Entomophonix - 10th Anniversary Celebration Day, La Cité des Insectes, France.
May  : Switching Colours - performance for Interference Festival, Breda, Netherlands.
Jul   : (In)visible Dancing - performances with 'Protein Dance', Bristol, UK.
Aug  : (In)visible Dancing - performances with 'Protein Dance', Canterbury, UK.
Sep  : Emergence - electro-acoustic workshops & performance at KISS, Leicester,UK.
Oct  : aroundNorth - performances in Northern Ireland.

Jan  : aroundNorth - permanent install in the grounds of Armagh Observatory, Northern Ireland.
Mar  : aroundNorth - nine-date tour around Northern Ireland.
Sep  : aroundNorth - performance at The Model Arts Centre, Sligo, Eire.
Oct  : aroundNorth - exhibited at Ards Arts Centre, Northern Ireland.
Oct  : Broken Tears Festival - Muiderkerk, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Nov  : Anomoly Unbound - BBC Radio3 & Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, UK.

Feb  : aroundNorth - sound installation at Stowe Landscape Gardens, Buckinghamshire, UK.
Mar  : Chaosmos (with Macnas) - Arbet, Moscow, Russia.
Mar  : aroundNorth - sound installation launch at Armagh Observatory, Northern Ireland.
Jun  : Digital Culture Award - for Singing Windows installations in East Kent, UK.
Jul   : Lens Résonne - sound installation for Lens, France.
Jul   : aroundNorth - Beaney House of Art & Knowledge, Canterbury, Kent.
Oct  : aroundNorth - Van Gogh Huis, Zundert, Netherlands.

May  : Prosper Together (Adventure Stage) - sound installation research project.
Jul   : Singing Windows - sound installations for various urban settings in Thanet, UK.
Aug  : Erratumgale - sound installation Duchamp festival, Herne Bay, UK.
Oct  : Reflective Robin - Beaney House of Art & Knowledge, Canterbury Festival, UK.
Oct  : Singing Windows - sound installation for Rochester High Street, Kent, UK.
Nov  : Keybird & Erratumgale - Garden of Delights Exhibition, Creek Creative, Faversham.

Jan  : Magwitch - sound design for Viola Film's Magwitch short.
Mar  : Cross Currents - South East Folk Arts Network commission for The Hawth, Crawley, UK.
Jun  : Echolocation - sound installation for Interference festival, Breda, Netherlands.
Aug  : Global Footprint - new sound work for Northampton Museum & Art Galleries, UK.
Oct  : Keybird & Nightingale - sound installations for Canterbury Festival's Open Studios, UK.
Nov  : Prosper Together (Experiment Stage) - sound installation research project.

Mar  : Watermark - film released.
May  : Lambourn Voices - a musical suite composed with people from Lambourn village.
Jul   : Streetwaves - sound installation for Sittingbourne High Street, Kent, UK.
Aug  : Cross Currents - musical commission for South East Folk Arts Network.
Oct  : Imagine Coleraine - soundscape commission for Big Telly Theatre Company.

Feb  : Watermark - sound design and composition for documentary film.
Apr  : Entomophonix - sound installation for Marine Studios, Margate, UK.
May  : Armaghoclock - sound installation for Armagh Market Place Arts Centre, UK.
Jun  : Keybird - sound installation for Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, UK.
Jul   : Disappearing Through Time - composition for local history project in Antrim, UK.
Sep  : aroundNorth - sound installation shortlisted for PRSF New Music Award.
Oct  : Keybird & PIPS - sound installations for Canterbury Festival's Open Studios, UK.
Nov  : Geluidswandelingen - sound installation for Interference festival, Breda, NL.
Dec  : Armaghoclock - awarded 'Best Artist's Blog of 2010'.

Mar  : Slow - music composition project for soundFABRIC, Portsmouth.
Apr  : Composer in Residence - BBC Oxford, UK.
May  : Echo Location - multiple sound installations at Chimney Meadows Nature Reserve, UK.
May  : Echolocation - sound installation for Swaledale Festival, Yorkshire, UK.
Jul   : Keybird - sound installation for Turner Contemporary Open, Margate, UK.
Oct  : Entomophonix - sound installation for 'Des Insectes et des Hommes', Limoges, France.
Nov  : Sounds of Oxfordshire - BBC Radio Oxford Broadcast Première, UK.
Nov  : Handmade Life - UK Tour with Chris Wood.
Dec  : Entomophonix - shortlisted for the British Composer Awards, Sonic Arts category.

Jan  : Echolocation - short listed for PRSF New Music Award.
Mar  : Paradise Revealed - commission to create two sound installations for Dover, Kent.
Apr  : Sound And The City - UK launch of anthology, Royal Festival Hall, London, UK.
May  : Magic Hour - sound installation commission for Oxford Botanical Garden.
Jul   : Nightingale - sound installation permanently installed for TargetFollow, Dover, UK.
Sep  : Echolocation - premiere performances at Oxford Botanic Garden, UK.

Jan  : Caravane - Compagnie Asphodèle Danses Envols performances, Pantin, France.
Feb  : Caravane - Compagnie Asphodèle Danses Envols residency, St Flour, France.
Mar  : Keybird - Gallery _plaats, Breda, Netherlands.
Apr  : Keybird - Festival de l'Oiseau, Abbeville, France.
May  : Keybird - East Sussex Wildlife Festival, UK.
May  : gr0w - sound installation: Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, Surrey, UK.
Jul   : Entomophonix - La Cité des Insectes, Eymoutiers, France.
Nov  : Rushcroft Reflections - reflective practice project for Creative Partnerships, UK.

Feb  : Reflective Conversations - Professional development projects for CPLN.
Apr  : Keybird - sound installation for East Sussex Wildlife Weekend, Rye Harbour, UK.
Jun  : Magic Stones - CD Release on the Motile recording label.
Jun  : Feel-Write - sound installation for the Celebrating Age conference, Brighton, UK.
Sep  : gr0w - eight-month residency at the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, UK.
Oct  : Caravane - Compagnie Asphodèle Danses Envols residency, St Flour, France.
Nov  : Caravane - Compagnie Asphodèle Danses Envols residency, Lioran, France.
Nov  : British Composer Awards - 'Magic Stones' wins New Media category.

Jan  : Engage! - professional development project for Creative Partnerships London North, UK.
Feb  : Where Do Ideas Come From? - a project for teachers and pupils for CPLN, London, UK.
Apr  : Visual Noise - collaboration with photographer Barry Lewis, commissioned by Canon.
Jun  : Magic Stones - sound installation, Millennium Arts Centre, Portadown, Northern Ireland.
Jul   : Where Do Ideas Take Us? - a project for teachers and pupils for CPLN, London, UK.
Sep  : Sound And The City - sound installation for British Council, Chongqing, China.
Dec  : British Composer Awards - 'Disappear' wins New Media category.

Feb  : SoundTrax - sound installation, Robert Phillips Gallery, Walton on Thames, UK.
May  : Disappear - sound installation, Whitstable Museum Gallery, UK.
Jul   : Fragile - dance, film and sound performance for Creative Partnerships Kent, UK.
Sep  : Chair - became Chair of Sound Sense (held for five years).
Sep  : Disappear - sound installation, Sevenoaks Library Gallery, UK.
Oct  : Physical Sound - a dance commission for Canterbury Festival, UK.
Nov  : Vibrations - music composition project for Royal School for Deaf in Margate, UK.
Nov  : Disappear - sound installation, Canterbury Royal Gallery, UK.

Jan  : T.O.V. - Compagnie Asphodèle Danses Envols residencies in Valence & Paris, France.
Feb  : Europhonix - launch installation project for Creative Partnerships Kent, UK/France.
Apr  : T.O.V. - Compagnie Asphodèle Danses Envols residency, Poitiers University, France.
Jul   : The Eyes Shut The Ears - sound installation, 'Margate Rocks' Arts Festival, UK.
Sep  : One Year Residency - Brockhill Park School, Kent, UK.
Nov  : British Composer Awards - Europhonix shortlisted for Education category.

Feb  : Wait Watcher - Musée Memling (Hôpital Saint-Jean), Brugge, Belgium.
Mar  : Spitalfields Festival - dance and music education project, London, UK.
May  : Det Var En Lørdag Aften - Danish folk music project for Levende Musik i Skolen.
Jul   : Wait Watcher - improvised music & dance performances, Vallons du Villaret, France.
Aug  : The Cracks - music and physical theatre project, Down Arts Centre, Northern Ireland.
Oct  : Sonic Mapping - CD released.

Jan  : Comprovisation - composing through improvisation project for Sinfonia 21.
Feb  : Horrorful Music - education project for Sounds New contemporary music festival, UK.
Mar  : Carving Up Time - CD released on the SLAM recording label.
Apr  : Elementals - Electro-acoustic collaboration with Brian Spencer Smith.
May  : Celtic Connection - CD release.
Jun  : Spitalfields Festival - education project, London, UK.
Jul   : Noise Happens! - sound artist residency, Down Arts Centre, N.Ireland.
Oct  : Seven Towers - Sound Artist in Residence, Ballymena Arts Festival, UK.
Nov  : Wait Watcher - Musée Royal d'Art Ancien, Bruxelles, Belgium.
Dec  : Sonic Mapping - soundscape composition project for Youth Music.

Mar  : What We Make of It - commission for Brighton & Hove Music Service.
Apr  : Time Teaser - sound design for Christine Merton installation.
May  : Celtic Connection - artistic director & composer in residence for Ballymoney Festival, UK.
Jun  : Mossley Mill - CD released.
Aug  : Jeg Gik Mig Over Sø Og Land - composition project for Levende Musik i Skolen, Denmark.
Oct  : Inside the Artist - series of collaborative projects for South East Dance, UK.
Nov  : MaST - Composer and animateur for Sinfonia 21 music and technology project.

Jan  : Chakra - composition for trombone & dancer, Resolutions Festival, The Place, London.
Feb  : Composer in Residence - Lisburn Festival for Arts & Culture, Lisburn, N. Ireland.
Mar  : Galileo - creative technologist for London Festival Orchestra & London Planetarium.
May  : The Elements - music and dance project, St Mary in the Castle Arts Centre, Hastings, UK.
Jun  : Mossley Mill - composition commission to celebrate the life of Newtownabbey's Flax Mill.

Jan  : Adventures in Sound - Performing Right Society's Composer in Education Award.
Apr  : Sparks & Waves - commission to mark 100th anniversary of Marconi transmission, UK.
May  : Pathways - cross-arts project for primary schools students, Co. Tyrone, N. Ireland.
Oct  : Spider - commission for South East Arts Underground Music Day, Hastings, UK.

Feb  : Composer & performer - music & dance project, Newtownabbey Arts Festival, UK.
Feb  : Chîyl - dance commission for Sounds New Festival, Canterbury, UK.
Apr  : Birdlife - Music composition project: Co. Tyrone & Co. Monaghan, Ireland.
May  : Look Hear! - Arts Council of Northern Ireland tour of new music, NI, UK.

Feb  : Study Tours - Six-week tour presenting English-through-music performances, Italy.
Oct  : Omagh Arts Festival two-week composer-in-education residency, N. Ireland.
Dec  : Hidden Paris - commission for Loop Dance Company.

Mar : Composer in residence - Musik i Skåne, Sweden.
Oct : Mag Ik Je Krro Kussen - art installation, Rosa Arts Centre, Breda, Netherlands.
Dec : The Composers' and Choreographers' Exchange - South Bank Arts Centre, London.