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Horsens Folkeblad (08/00)  -  "Kunstværk i stedet for noder".

Le Dauphiné Libéré (02/03)  -  "TOV en toute liberté".

Times & Truth (07/05)  -  "Sound hunting in Chongqing".

Times Online (04/08)  -  "A choir of bats versus classical beatboxing in New Music Award".

News Letter (04/10)  -  "It's Armagh o'Clock...".

Ulster Gazette (05/10)  -  "Observatory to feature in New Music Award contest".

INTO Magazine (06/10)  -  "Sounds of the New".

News Letter (08/10)  -  "An astro symphony".

Kent Messenger (06/11)  -  "High Street to be wired for sound in art project".

East Kent Gazzette (07/11)  -  "Listen to sounds of the street".

Faversham Times (07/11)  -  "Artist is inspired by sounds of the street".

Encounter (07/11)  -  "The world would be better if....".

Encounter (08/11)  -  "A peaceable intervention".

Screen Media (01/13)  -  "A nightingale (or six) sang from retailer's shop windows".

Medway Extra (12/13)  -  "Birdsong fills the streets".

Métropole (03/14)  -  "Vitrines Sonores: écoutez battre le cœur de Lens".

Sounding Board (05/14)  -  "Community Birdsong".

Culture Awards (06/14)  -  "Robert Jarvis wins Digital Dward with Singing Windows".

Métropole (07/14)  -  "Les vitrines do vos commerçants donnent de la voix!"

Voix du Nord (07/14)  -  "Lens: des façades sonores pour voir la ville autrement...".

L'Avenir de L'Artois (09/14)  -  "Écoutez battre le cœur de la ville".

Voix du Nord (09/14)  -  "Lens: dans les vitrines de centre-ville les supporters lensois sont là!"

Mid-Ulster Mail (03/15)  -  "Stargazers all set to flock to Beaghmore Stone Circles...".

Nightlife (09/15)  -  "Culture Night Sligo: Around North @ The Model".

Antrim Guardian (10/16)  -  "Reach for the stars - and enjoy the music of the night".

Art The Science (05/20)  -  "Works - SonoraV19 by Robert Jarvis".

Decoded Magazine (04/22)  -  'The sound of dirty music: artist creates aural art from air pollution'.

Music Tech (04/22)  -  'Artist Uses Air Pollution to Create Music'.

Mixmag (04/22)  -  'Sound designers translate air pollution into music'.

EDM (04/22)  -  'A Sound Artist Translated Air Pollution Data Into Music'.

Sunday Mercury (04/22)  -  'Decismells! New Musical Masterpiece is a Symphony of Pong'.

Birmingham Mail (04/22)  -  'Unique Music is Breathtaking'.

Traffic Technology Today (04/22)  -  'Artist and scientists create music from air pollution'.

My Green Pod (04/22)  -  'Sounding Out Pollution'.


BBC Radio 4 (07/04)  -  'Open Country' feature on the residency at Brockhill College.

Love FM (10/05)  -  the making of the 'Sound & The City' installation in Chongqing, China.

BBC Radio 3 (12/05)  -  'Disappear' wins the British Composer Awards New Media category.

BBC Radio 3 (11/06)  -  'Magic Stones' wins the British Composer Awards New Media category.

BBC Radio 4 (02/07)  -  interview for the 'Endangered Sounds' programme.

The Hub (09/08)  -  extract from 'Magic Hour' feature at the Oxford Botanical Garden.

Radio Teesdale (05/09)  -  the 'Echolocation' performance at the Swaledale Festival.

BBC Radio Oxford (11/09)  -  the making and première broadcast of 'Sounds of Oxfordshire.

BRFM (07/11)  -  interview for the launch of the 'Streetwaves' installation in Sittingbourne.

Stads Radio Breda (06/12)  -  'Echolocation' at Breda's Interference Festival.

BBC Radio Kent (01/13)  -  the effect of the 'Singing WIndows' installation in Margate.

KMFM (01/13)  -  the effect of the 'Singing WIndows' installation in Margate.

BBC Radio Ulster (03/15)  -  'Your Place & Mine' interview on touring 'aroundNorth' in N. Ireland.

Radio New Zealand (04/20)  -  Interview on the making of the 'SonoraV19' composition.


BBC NI (11/09)  -  news feature on the making of 'Armaghoclock'.

Guardian (09/10)  -  interview with Paul Morley.

Sky Arts (10/10)  -  extract from documentary on the PRSF New Music Award.

Creativity NI (03/14)  -  aroundNorth arrives at Armagh Observatory.

Télé Gohelle (10/14)  -  news feature on the success of the 'Lens Resonné' installation.

Breda Nu (05/17)  -  interview and performance following the 'Switching Colours' event, Breda..