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Sound and the City (2005) - the creation of my sound installation for Chongqing, China.

Gr0w (2006-07) - the creation of my sound installation at the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden.

Entomophonix (2007) - insect reflections during my residency at La Cité des Insectes, France.

Paradise Revealed (2008) - project diary for two contrasting Dover sound installations.

The Magic Hour (2009) - project diary for Oxford Botanical Garden group-show.

Armaghoclock (2009-10) - the making of a multi-speaker sound installation for Armagh.

Sounds of Oxfordshire (2010-11) - project diary for BBC Oxford commission.

Streetwaves (2011) - the making of my sound installation for Kent's 'Encounter' initiative.

Singing Windows (2013-14) - detailing my multiple sound installation project for East Kent.

Lens Resonné (2014) - the making of my Vitrines Sonores installation for Lens, France.

aroundNorth (2014-17) - latest news relating to my astronomical sound installation.


Adventures in Sound (1998)
Ten-week music composition project with a Primary School and a Special School.

Jeg Gik Mig Over Sø Og Land (2000)
One-week music project for the Levende Musik i Skolen Skolekoncert Festival, Denmark.

Horrorful Music (2001)
Four-day music composition project with two primary schools for the Sounds New festival.

Europhonix (2003)
Music composition project involving three secondary schools for Creative Partnerships Kent.

The Cupboard People (2003-04)
One-year residency with a secondary school for Creative Partnerships Kent.


Rathlin Sound (1998) - music education project for the 'Sparks & Waves' composition.

Sirens (2002) - for trombone & Kyma, performed at The City Gallery, Leicester.

TOV (2003) - Asphodèle Danses Envols performance extracts from Poitiers & St Peray, France.

Dance to a New Tune (2004) - document of the first eight weeks of a school residency.

Visual Noise (2005) - collaboration with photographer Barry Lewis.

Feel-Write (2006) - sound installation project for Brighton & Hove's 'Celebrating Age' festival.

Caravane (2007) - Asphodèle Danses Envols - extracts from "La Passerelle" residency, France.

Echolocation (2008) - PRS New Music Award teaser for 'Echolocation'.

Live at the Vortex (2009) - duo with Lawrence Casserley.

Pin Barrel Harp (2010) - trio with Chris Wood and Henry Dagg.

aroundNorth PRS Teaser (2010) - Installation concept explained.

Frozen in Time (2011) - extract from the 'Watermark' documentary.

Dante's Inferno (2011) - extract from the 'Watermark' documentary.

The Rag House (2011) - extract from the 'Watermark' documentary.

Explaining aroundNorth (2011) - at the Kyma International Sound Symposium, Portugal.

Installing Erratumgale (2013) - for Herne Bay's Marcel Duchamp Festival.

Augmented P-Bone (2013) - initial presentation of my extended trombone prototype.

The Music That Fell to Earth (2014) - 'aroundNorth' performances at Armagh & Stowe.

Les Vitrines Sonores (2014) - teaser for my 'Vitrines Sonores' installation for Lens, France.

Installing aroundNorth (2015) - permanent installation of aroundNorth at Armagh Observatory.

Feedback from the Launch (2015) - public response to Observatory installation.

Touring aroundNorth (2015) - the 2015 Northern Ireland tour of aroundNorth.

Emergent Ensemble (2016) - performance at Kyma International Sound Symposium.

aroundNorth Returns to Beaghmore (2016) - the 2016 performance at Beaghmore.

aroundNorth Music Workshop (2017) - students perform astronomically inspired music.


Campaign For Slow Art (2006)
Commissioned by Creative Partnerships; published in the 'Sounding Board' music journal.

Thinking About Music About Thinking (2004)
Commissoned by the British Academy of Composers for a publication by the DfES.

Singing Windows (2014)
Independent evaluation of the 'Singing Windows' series of installations across Thanet, East Kent.


Miscellaneous Videos - guest performances, appearances with other bands, etc.