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A multi-speaker sound installation designed for a gallery setting.

The work takes the form of a virtual timepiece, that plays a different sound for each minute of the hour. With the aid of twelve loudspeakers positioned around the gallery (in similar manner to the numbers around the circumference of a clock face) each of the sixty sounds pans around the gallery space imitating the sweep of a clock’s second hand.

The recordings range from the intimate to the well-known – from pre-natal ultrasound to grave digging – referencing different aspects of our everyday living experience, from work, leisure and nature. A visual element in the centre of the gallery provides a guide for listening, and together the sounds combine to give their own account of our changing soundscape and place within it.

The sounds used are from a variety of locations, collected by the artist, and are combined with new recordings from around the area of the hosting gallery location. This is facilitated by a pre-exhibition call for sounds to the general public, encouraging them to suggest sounds that in some way define the place that they live. In response, the artist will visit these locations to the record the sounds, and then integrate them within the overall work. In this way, the installation is always slightly different as it is updated with each new location's sounds.

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